Automatic Laying Domino Terx

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🎁Automatic Laying 🎁

The domino train sets up automatically, making it easy for kids to play and enjoy.


🤵Creative Games 🤵

The kit includes various blocks that can be arranged in creative ways to create different games, promoting imagination and problem-solving skills.


✨Intelligence Educational ✨

The toy helps in developing cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination, making it an excellent educational tool for kids.





1.The domino train is made of high-quality plastic, non-toxic and tasteless.The edges of each domino are smooth and polished without burrs to make the domino feel smooth.Make sure your child plays safely.


2.Automatic laying, easy to use.Put the plastic dominoes in the bracket, and then put them on the train.Turn on the switch.With the train running,the building blocks will fall off automatically.If you want to create an interesting track,just turn the chimney of the train to the left or right.


3.Color lights,simulating train sound effects,trigger visual and auditory feelings.


4.Dominators can be freely placed in a variety of patterns.Enlightenment education can promote brain development/hand eye coordination,and also increase parent-child interaction.